ELVO was founded in June 1972 by the name Steyr Daimler Puch – Hellas with the purpose to produce tractors, bicycles and diesel engines to equip tractors and trucks. Nowadays ELVO has various production lines, regarding various types of vehicles, such as track-laying armoured vehicles, city buses, coaches and trucks.

There have been produced until present day in total:

  • More than 11.000 All-Terrain Mercedes vehicles and 600 Special Purpose Hummer vehicles.
  • 12.000 military and civil multi purpose trucks in co operation with the companies STEYR, MAN, MERCEDES and OSHKOSH.
  • 2.100 buses and coaches of various types to meet the needs of the civil market and the Greek Armed Forces.
  • Main Battle Tank (MBT) LEOPARD 2HEL,
  • Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC) LEONIDAS,
  • the prototype Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV) KENTAURUS and reconstructed Main Battle Tanks LEOPARD 1.